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Shelly Hogan


I welcome you and your partner or family with open ears, an open mind, and an open heart. I embrace inclusivity of racial identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, and alternative lifestyles, and am sex positive and body affirming in my beliefs and approach. I value authenticity in the therapeutic relationship, as I delight in being able to share my worldview, and sense of humor at times, in our conversations.  

I believe in the power of dialogue to expand your understanding of yourself, increase your partner’s or family members’ understanding of you, and to deepen and sustain your couple and family relationships. I consider humans to be inherently social beings who grow, change, and evolve by the connections they have, and the connections they long to create.

…and when I’m not being a therapist, I love cooking and baking, watching roller derby, everything live music, collecting tattoos, and my big orange cat. Is the quarantine over yet???

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My Approach

I firmly believe you are the expert on your own life.

Therapy with me will feel like a conversation. 


My belief in humans as fundamentally social creatures is predicated on my study of Family Systems Theories. Family Systems Theorists believe, as I do, that human behavior develops according to and is motivated by other humans and their behavior. Essentially, I believe none of us exist in a vacuum or solely in our own head; we all are impacted at an intrinsic level by our relationships, or at times, lack thereof.

My therapeutic lens is a trauma-informed combination of two Family Systems approaches: Feminist Therapy and Collaborative Therapy. You are in the driver's seat in our sessions - my role is to help you and your relationships decide where to turn and how to shift. Through our conversations, we gather your experiences, worldview, and family history to provide insight on your unique challenges, help you recognize and embrace your strengths, and begin to understand and communicate your emotions to enhance your connection with yourself and your loved ones.


Feminist Therapy

I believe societal pressures and constructs impact every individual, and therefore, every relationship. I practice Feminist Therapy and Feminist Family Therapy through an intersectional lens: honoring how our various social identities of race, class, gender, and sexuality intersect to contribute to our experiences of systemic oppression, discrimination, and privilege. Feminist Therapy and Feminist Family Therapy acknowledge how our own personal biases and social identities, along with the biases and identities of those we love, can influence our ability to connect with others and prescribe how we connect. Ultimately, I am here to help you examine and understand how your experiences in the world and the expectations from those around you influence your sense of self and impact how you show up in relationships in your life.

Collaborative Therapy

We as individuals form our unique worldviews by the attachment styles we develop with our parents, the dynamics of our family relationships, friendships, and romantic partnerships throughout our lives, as well as through our everyday lived experience in society. I work collaboratively in partnership with you, honoring your worldview, to recognize what’s going well in your couple or family dynamic, explore where and how you and your relationships can grow, and helping you deepen connections with yourself and with those you love through dialogue.