Frequently Asked Questions

"When are you seeing clients

Long answer: I value your safety too much to jeopardize it by endorsing coming into the office to see me while COVID-19 is currently impacting our city and country to this extent. I will not risk your health nor the health of each client I see while a pandemic is still actively affecting us all.  I understand and identify with all who are struggling due to social isolation right now. Please trust that we will all be together again just as soon as it is truly safe for us to do so.


"What can I expect during a telehealth session?"

Me! On a screen of your choosing! HA!

Telehealth is really no different from chatting with someone via Zoom or FaceTime, except it is privacy protected.  I take every precaution to ensure I am in a quiet, confidential, and uninterrupted space for our sessions. Of course telehealth is not ideal, as these are not ideal times, but through technology we do get the chance to see each other face to face and connect meaningfully.  AND... we have the added bonus of maybe getting to meet each other's pets!

"Where is your office located?"

My office will be located in lovely South Austin when COVID-19 is happily in our past.

"Can I afford to come see you?"

My rates are competitive with other therapists in Austin.  That being said, I do hold a fixed number of sliding scale slots on my caseload. Affordability and accessibility of therapy is extremely important to me, as I intimately know what it means to invest in your mental health and wellbeing. I will make every accommodation possible to meet you where you are at.

"Can I use my insurance?"

I do not take insurance due to the constraints insurance places on session limits, diagnoses, and such. I want you to have the best experience in therapy possible: catered specifically to your needs and free from outside restrictions.

However, I can provide superbills to submit to your insurance for possible reimbursement. You can also use your HSA or FSA card.

Image by Denisse Leon