My Services

Couples Therapy

Relationship communication goes both ways: creating space in yourself to honor and express your wants, needs, and desires, and holding space to receive your partner’s wants, needs, and desires, in turn. I work to help you and your partner develop a loving, open connection with each other. Understanding your and your partner’s emotions, backgrounds, stressors, and familial relationships can help bridge the gap to authentic connection in your relationship.

Individual Therapy

Most of us rarely consider our connection with ourselves or our thoughts and feelings - unless our thoughts and feelings get way out of whack and interrupt our daily lives. Our conversations aim to help you deepen your relationship with yourself by identifying and processing your emotions, illuminating dusty corners and cobwebs of your family of origin experiences, and integrating who you are today with who you long to become.  

Family Therapy

Are you struggling to be seen or heard in your family?  Do you wish you had more positive ways of interacting with your loved ones? My work with families centers around reducing conflict and deepening connections throughout the family system. I help you and your family members increase your capacities to communicate your own and receive others' wants, needs, and feelings. Together, let's create a family culture of understanding, caring, openness, and respect.